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Hey everyone, Misty here!

I hit a few other members of the team with the same questions I had for Moxy. So, without further adieu, let me introduce to you, polisummer!

 So, poli, what team are you on?

 I'm Development Lead. If it is programming that goes into the game, I probably wrote it.

 Who of the potential romance options are you most excited about getting to see in the game?


 Huh. Moxy was excited to see Sofia as well, it seems like The Frost Giant has some fans on the dev team! Why are you excited about her?

Well, to answer your question, I'm excited for Sofia because her character shows a love of discipline and control. She seems to have a strength that is internal just as much as external and I like people with that kind of fortitude.


 Since Ultimate Pump is a dating-sim/RPG hybrid about muscular women, the physical aesthetics play a large role in getting people interested in a character. Which of these is the most attractive feature to you? The choices are: Big Boobs, Big Biceps, Thick Thighs, Tight Calves, Toned Glutes, or Washboard Abs.

 Washboard Abs do it for me.

 There any reason?

I love abs because they present the core of the body as strong and well cared for. A person has to be somewhat flexible and have high endurance to get great abs, but, more than that, they also need to have the commitment to keep working on them. Besides, abs look really nice.

 It feels like your love of discipline shaped that answer a little... Anyway, this is hardly your first game, right?

 Yes. I actually do work with Kyungeki Workshop building software and doing some translation work. While video games are by far the most fun to work on, the studio also does a fair bit of web development.

 Ultimate Pump is something of a different game from what they produce, right? What would you say is your biggest goal for a hybrid game like this?

 To have a ton of micro-interactions for the player on different days of the week and at different stat levels. I want to leverage the RPG elements to create a really immersive experience.

 Sounds exciting. So, what was your first game? 

 Oh, wow, I think it was Gunstar Heroes on the Sega Genesis.

 That was your first game? I am beyond impressed. What was it like finding out other video games were much easier than the gold standard for 16-bit run and gun?

 Haha, thanks. I kinda went from there to more fast games actually, like Sonic the Hedgehog. And later some racing games on the Dreamcast. Easier games like Pokemon are what got me to play video games more regularly though. I borrowed the cartridge from a friend and it was amazing to see how complex video games could be. Until then, my exposure to video games were just those fast-paced and fairly linear experiences as well as things I could play in an arcade.

 What game has had the biggest impact on your life then?

 That's a surprisingly hard question. I think I'll go with the early Assassin's Creed games. The giant narrative and huge world to run around in is what got me started wanting to make video games.

 The Creed games had some pretty controversial design decisions along with that great narrative. Is there a design decision made in another game you want to avoid here?

 I want to avoid there being too much grinding to reach milestones. I think doing the same thing over and over can make a game feel more like a chore. Considering how much I hope to create immersion and interaction, I want the stuff you do to progress to be just as enjoyable as the main story stuff.

 Following up, is the a design decision you would love to see emulated in Ultimate Pump?

 I want it to have a nice scheduling system, like the Persona games. So that the player can enjoy the unique choices we have planned, and how the characters respond to them.

 It is funny you say that, considering Moxy had a similar answer. I hope we can live up to the aspiration of being a more socially focused Persona-style game.


I will be back next soon with another interview, but until then if you want to talk more about Ultimate Pump  or have your own questions for PoliSummer, check out the game's discord channel. You can also support the game by pledging to the Patreon and getting opportunities for early looks at character designs,  access to builds more frequently, and even naming your own NPC! 

Don't forget either, that every pledge is one closer to Patriana getting beefier or bustier and that the contest with SquarePeg3D and F.U.T.A. begins on the 7th!

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