Weekly Wrap-Up - 2/5/18

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Hey everyone, Misty here!

It is Monday, so that means it is time for the weekly wrap-up. I had been doing non-sprite focused art here, but I was chewing up what assets we have done so all art will be on Friday now. Which means I have a column to keep you, our supporters, abreast of how things are going.

Speaking of, the Patreon has hit a confirmed fifty patrons so Patriana is going bulk up a bit here in the next couple of weeks. Second, the internal build of 1.13 is about 80% with movement, collision detection, and triggering dialogue when interacting with objects. I think we are still trying to resolve the issues with scene transitions before releasing it to you all. Keep your eyes peeled though, it will be sooner rather than later.

As for the team, here is what we have been up to since last time...


  • Started outline for Sofia's segment of the next demo on pen and paper (yay bus rides). Need to transfer in to gdoc and complete.
  • Reading Pullman's La Belle Sauvage.
  • Finally getting around to dealing with Christmas presents.
  • Made challah.




  • I'm kind of far ahead and only really have maybe 6 days of work before the next deadline.
  • To do next cycle:
  • Revisions on BGs
  • Other main girl sprites besides Mandy
  • Get Mandy nude sprite approved
  • Night BG for the Beach
  • Volleyball net animation for the beach
  • I [also] found out that I had a copy of Toon Boom Animate 2 from like 2008 that I used for maybe 10 hours. I paid 800 dollars for it when I was at my absolute poorest? So I've been using that a lot.
  • It's super fun, but since I don't have a Wacom tablet I can't draw directly into the program and it's kind of a nightmare. I've been breaking down how I think cut-out rigs in things I'm fairly certain use them (I've tried reverse engineering Shantae: Half Genie Hero, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, those Erin Esurance commercials and Rayman Origins so far, still want to try to figure out the rigs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because I think they may be deceptively complex, and I'm pretty sure the Watterson family in Gumball are cut-out puppets so I wanna try that).


  • Added in flavor text for npc/item interactions

- - - -

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Don't forget either, that every pledge is one closer to Patriana getting beefier or bustier! She is already getting 50 pounds of extra muscle mass this month and we are 81% of the way there for her to get 500cc added the her bust line as well.

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