Weekly Check-in - 8/15

Hey all, Misty here (and I really need to get better at posting these things here)!

Foremost, hello to all of our new Patreon supporters! Thanks for joining up and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the game as we get rolling. We really couldn't do this without you all! If you liked the proof of concept demo and want to help out, [head on over to our Patreon page and make a pledge]. Even if it is just a dollar, every little bit helps!

Speaking of the game, the Aiko demo progresses! The story team is hard at work refining the scenario bits into dialog and I expect us to be done in the near future (I personally need to finish up Wren's bit ^^"). Once we have the rough draft of the script, it will only be a short wait after that to get it loaded in before we put out the first alpha and get into our weekly builds for patrons!

Beyond that, based on feedback from you all on the Mandy Demo's test drive of the new engine, we are working on a plethora of small UX improvements which should, as a collective, resolve some of the major issues with the game's current alpha state.

On the topic of engine updates, the walking animation for Aiko is done--just look at her strut! 

It might seem silly but, to me, seeing the sprites from the game doing more than being static images is something that really gets me excited about the coming weeks--and I hope it does the same for you all n.n

One last thing before I get back to it, I want to get up another Iron Acolyte post this week, to take a look at how Aiko's design evolved from the CYOA version to now. So look for that!

Until next time,

Be awesome to each other!

- Misty
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