Patriana Is Growing!

New Vitals
Height: 5'10"
Weight: +50lbs.
Bust: +500cc

Yes, thanks to each and everyone of you, and
your support as we ramp up, Patriana now has
500cc, expandable breast implants. At the next
dollars per month milestone of one thousand,
she will get another 500cc pumped into them. 

Meanwhile, at 100 Patrons she will gain another 50 pounds of muscle!

As far as the game goes, we have two
builds in process right now. One is a
walking version Conversation Demo
where the scenes will have blocking and
you will be able to walk around the Cafe
and Mandy's Apartment. The other is the
Exploration Demo which will be out later
this year and will feature the rest of the
cast as you help Aiko locate a lost kitten.

 Until next time!

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