Monday Artday - Aiko, A Few Expressions

Hey all, Misty here! 

If you remember last week, we looked at [Aiko's in progress portraits]. Well, this week I have a few of her pretty-close-to-done expressions that I wanted to share with you all. The one up top is her "neutral" face--if you are looking at the sketches it is the first one in the top row. This is her primary conversation face and I personally think it captures a lot of her "cute" factor. It is really interesting, to me at any rate, to compare her "neutral" with Mandy's. Aiko looks like she is about to laugh, while Mandy, on the other hand, is probably holding back at least two snarky remarks. I mean, that's me, what do you all think?

- - - - -

At any rate, Aiko's "Hmm..." face is just dripping with charm. I really appreciate how much just the little movement of her shoulders changes her entire shape. It is also much less judgmental than Mandy's similar pose where she is rubbing the back of her neck and looking like she is trying to come up with a reason to leave you behind.

Aiko is also obviously much more open about being embarrassed and a little less sure about flirting, which really comes across in this next pose. It is such an emotive expression and it makes me wish we had one with her eyes to the other side as well for stronger embarrassment. Well, maybe as a bonus once we get the base game done...

The last expression is probably my favorite and I am really looking forward to writing some dialogue to use it. I love getting to see her back, but really Aiko flexing is, well, super precious. Like, I know that she could pick me up over her head, but she is just so proud of how big she is and the pose is just so bright because of it of that happiness which is core to her personality.

Not to keep drawing parallels to Mandy, but their flexes are very different and it really showcases how different their personalities are. Mandy almost looks wistful that she is not much bigger than she is now. Granted, there are some plot relevant reasons as to why she has perhaps not reached her full potential, but this image really conveys the regret that runs under the surface of Mandy's story.

- - - - -

Since I did not get the Weekly Wrap posted last night, a couple quick things. First, Patriana is nearly 80% of the way there to her $500 goal for her set of 500cc implants. I would love for her to get there by the end of the month so her growth happens together.

Testing on 1.13 continues! I cannot wait to share more concrete news when we get to that point! n.n

Anyway... next week I hope to have Aiko dressed and with her hair done up to show off her other poses which are much more full-body affairs. I am going to post my interview with myself tomorrow night, so if you have questions for me, get them in! Until then time, be good to each other!

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