A Powerful Opportunity

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 Hey all, Misty here!

  Remember how I said [the other day] that we would h  ave a pretty sweet announcement? Well... this is it! On behalf of Moxy and the rest of the team, I am excited to tell you about a potentially powerful arrangement between UltimatePump and 3D render artist, SquarePeg3D!

Shira, a ship-wrecked woman Shira, The Mighty Brood-Queen Shira getting acquainted with her new body Physically dominating an eager friend
Cropped Images from the Shira's Coronation collection. Used with Permission. $5 patrons can get SP3D comics for FREE, and $15 patrons get access to SP3D's WIP folder.

  Perhaps known best for their striking depictions of physical dominance and displays of power by Altersex Amazons, SP3D wants to give YOUR character the F.U.T.A. treament and feature them as the last missing bad-ass fighter for the Fighter's Underground Tournament Association Championship opposite the winner of the Character Design Contest happening right now on the F.U.T.A. Discord Server!

  Much like with the winner of the character design contest, SP3D will render your character as a 3D model, and then have them fight their opponent in the "Discord Rivalry" match-up. From there, the Discord Winner will be in a 3-way brawl with Queen Cobra and Ingrid. Of the trio, two will advance to the semifinals to eventually challenge the finalist from the right side of the bracket.

  You are probably wondering how that is going to work. Well, from January 7th until the end of the month we plan to have a Patreon pledge event. Part of that is you scoring points for referrals and the person with the highest score at the end of January will win that slot in the tournament of buff and hung ladies. 

  We wanted to try rewarding both lots of referrals and sizable pledges and decided that scores will increase on both axiss, making your point total equal to the number of people TIMES amount of money they pledge. 

  For example, you refer three friends, and they each pledge $5. That makes your score 3x15 or 45 points. Later, someone else says you mentioned the Patreon to them, and they pick the $10 tier. Now your score is 4x25 or, more simply, 100 points. As you can see, the points rack up fast, so I will have a leaderboard running the whole time so everyone can see where they stand. 

  In consideration of discretion, the leaderboard will be anonymous unless you opt-in to have your name displayed next to your points. No username of referred users will be displayed.

  The contest itself will be a single additional step in the existing process for pledging. On the thank you page you will soon find a link to a Google form which will ask for your Patreon username, the amount pledged, and who referred you. Some of my spreadsheet Kung Fu will anonymize the data and instantly update the leaderboard the moment you fill out the form! For those of you who are already patrons, if you had someone who referred you, reach out to me on the Discord server. I will make an entry for you so that your friend gets their points.

  Depending on how things go, there might be other prizes besides getting to have your character lovingly rendered and then fight the F.U.T.A Discord champion.

  • As of 1/4:
  • Anyone scoring more than 100,000 points
    • Gets a full-color single-character commission from MoxyDoxy

  Also, since I have your attention, Patriana's growth looks like this...

  • 88% of 50 patron goal to gain 50lbs. of muscle...
  • 54% of $500 goal to gain 500cc of sweater meat...

  While I am sad she has not grown much yet, I am excited to think that she is going to get much bigger starting January 7th. I want to wish everyone luck on this, I cannot wait to see who comes out on top!

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