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Hey everyone, Misty here!

Back for another staff interview. This time with Penny, the pixel artist responsible for the maps and map sprites! Will they also be excited for Sofia? Let’s find out!

So, Penny, what team are you on?

I'm Pixel Art Lead, so I’m responsible for the look of all the overworld sprites.

 Who of the potential romance options are you most excited about getting to see in the game?
 Oh? Awesome! As someone also excited about Aiko, what makes you a fan of the petite Japanese powerlifter?
 Honestly? Her bio had puns in it and I was sold.

Since Ultimate Pump is a dating-sim/RPG hybrid about muscular women, the physical aesthetics play a large role in getting people interested in a character. Which of these is the most attractive feature to you? The choices are: Big Boobs, Big Biceps, Thick Thighs, Tight Calves, Toned Glutes, or Washboard Abs.

 I am a big fan of thick thighs.

There any reason?

There’s a lot of reasons. They’ve got a lot of give, which is interesting. And honestly if you need to get at a coconut and you don’t have a knife they’re probably your best bet. I guess you could bang it against a tree or whatever but that’s not impressive.

 Heh, true that. On a similar aesthetics thread, I will say your art has been a joy to look at and worth with since day one. Like, seriously, the maps you turned over for the apartments were just stunning. 

I am guessing from your level of skill that you have other game experience, right?

 That’s correct. Mostly in educational games. This is educational too? In a way???

I feel like you end up with a different perspective on the game, what is one of your biggest goals working on Ultimate Pump?

 I would like people to periodically think that the game doesn't need to look as nice as it does, but appreciate the extra effort we put in.

That feeling of the world being more than just the main characters is definitely a plus for the immersion. So, what was your first game?

 Super Mario Bros for the NES, I think. Possibly Ms. Pac Man in a local Mexican restaurant.

What game had the biggest impact on your life, then?

 Life? Probably Earthbound or Super Mario RPG. Art-wise probably Wind Waker.

What is one game design decision made in another game you want to avoid here?

 Nintendo is really guilty of putting in interesting mechanics that aren't fully explored within the game (Think about how often a frog suit is really useful in Mario 3, for example). I hope that if we do something that really works that we explore it to its fullest.

Is there a design decision you would love to see emulated in Ultimate Pump?

 I can only speak to the sprite side of things, but I'd love to replicate the variety of characters that Mother 3 has in the background. And a thing that would be fun, but a lot of work so you could hire someone else to do it and I can just sleep instead, is having a lot of character specific poses like in Chrono Trigger.

Yeah, geez. There were how many unique sprites in Chrono Trigger? I would love to see that--and to write for all of those characters n.n

That is all the time we have this week. If you want to talk more about Ultimate Pump  or have your own questions for Penny, check out the game's discord channel. You can also support the game by pledging to the Patreon which can provide you with early looks at character designs,  let you access more frequent builds, name your own NPC, and more!

Don't forget either, that every pledge is one closer to Patriana getting beefier or bustier and that the contest with SquarePeg3D and F.U.T.A. continues until the 31st!

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