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Hey all! 

Misty here and I wanted to get rolling on a project before we get back to active development. I asked the rest of the development team a few questions, just to get to know us. So without further rambling, here is what I found out about Moxy!

 I feel silly asking you this, but what aspects of development are you engaged with?

All of them. As Director of the project, there's nothing going on that I am not at least partially engaged with.

Who of the potential romance options are you most excited about getting to see in the game?


 Why is that?

 She has the craziest backstory but the most unmoving veneer. She's the biggest challenge romantically, and I like a challenge.

 Since Ultimate Pump is a dating-sim/RPG hybrid about muscular women, the physical aesthetics play a large role in getting people interested in a character. Which of these is the most attractive feature to you? The choices are: Big Boobs, Big Biceps, Thick Thighs, Tight Calves, Toned Glutes, or Washboard Abs.

 Big Boobs.

 There any reason?

 Everyone is able to work hard on their bodies and get muscle. Boobs are the only thing on that list that are natural wonders.

 I never thought of it that way. Have you worked on developing a game before this?


 Okay, so what would you say is your biggest goal for this game then?

 That it can stand on its own as a great game, not just as fetish fuel

 That makes sense, and it is part of why I joined to write. Anyway, what is the first game you played?

 On PC, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? and on console TMNT: Turtles in Time

 Which game has had the most influence on your life?

StarFox 64

 What is one game design decision made in another game you want to avoid here?

 There are too many examples to count. I think Superman 64 is a great example of how not to make games.

 What about one you want most to emulate?

 Clearly, the life sim aspects of Harvest Moon or Persona are an influence.

 Yeah, we do compare the relationships with Mandy, Sofia and the others to Social Links quite a bit. Okay, that is all the time we have today. Thanks for speaking with me, Moxy!

If you want to talk more about Ultimate Pump  or have your own questions for Moxy, check out the game's discord channel. You can also support the game by pledging to the Patreon which can provide you with early looks at character designs,  let you access more frequent builds, name your own NPC, and more! Don't forget either, that every pledge is one closer to Patriana getting beefier or bustier.

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