Art Spotlight - Aiko Hironaka

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Hey all, Misty here with the Monday Art Spotlight and this time we are looking at AIKO HIRONAKA. As her assets are still in development, everything in this post is tentative.

Foremost, her info:
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Undisclosed
Birthday: December 29th, 1997 (20-22)
Occupation: Construction Worker, Undergrad Student
Likes: Professional Wrestling, Cute Things
Dislikes: Alcohol, People who abandon their pets
Aiko moved to the U.S. with her parents at a young age and grew up in Crestpeak Bay.  She began lifting weights in middle school after falling in love with professional wrestling.
She currently works construction part-time to put herself through college, where she is a veterinary major and captain of the powerlifting team. She competes in the Women's 90kg
Super Heavyweight Class, but aspires to reach the uncapped +97kg Amazonweight class
 before graduating.

Aiko's initial notes were fairly simple. Just that she was of Asian descent and super cute. Where Mandy is a "girl next door" kind of woman, Aiko is the girl you forget is stronger than you until she picks up a four-foot girder with her bare hands or she puts a jerk in a sleeper hold without missing a beat. Which lead to her design for the CYOA (seen above). Since then, Aiko has developed further levels of cuteness. Her personality is now very upbeat and she is enthusiastic about whatever she is doing at the time. She loves animals, which is part of why she wants to be a vet, but dislikes people who abandon their pets.

In keeping with her "super cute" concept, Aiko's portraits are physically expressive and notably exaggerated.

I was really excited to see these sketches, but then again, I am writing her. I am really looking forward to further honing her mannerisms, diction, and more. 

While she is not fully inked yet, I do have her 11th expression which I can share...

Wish I had more, because I cannot wait to share it!

- - - -

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