Weekly Wrap - 1/14/18

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 Hey everyone, Misty here!

It ended up a bit more than a week since the last one of these, but Moxy and I were still kind of working out what we wanted to do with this column. As of now, it is a look back at the week both for the game and for us on staff as well.

The Game at large

Moxy had a great post about how they felt the game was doing and I am currently testing 1.13 with polisummer as they work on getting movement stabilized and completely functional. Look for more about that as soon as the release is finalized!

Coming Attractions

Aiko's portrait expressions is getting colored and inked (probably as you read this) so there will be more about that in this week's Monday Art Column. I have an interview with pixel artist Penny on Tuesday, so keep your eyes open for that as well. The Weekly WIP is a surprise! I have an interview with SquarePeg3D on Thursday and on Friday I want to show off some of the new location art from Penny.

We reached 50 Patrons, which means that, so long as all of those pledges are actually legitimate, Patriana is going to get a little beefier!

Staff Sidebar

Moxy- Aiko: Inked Base template
- Aiko: Finalized her color palette
- Design: Took design notes on Stardew Valley
- Finished commissions
- Worked on a new sketch pack
- Turned 29
MistyPosted Interview with polisummer
- Launched the game's twitter account
- Tested 1.13
- Needs of the Goddess
Woman of Her Dreams
Shake! Lift! Praise
ImpRat- Sofia Studies: Watched John Wick, Eastern Promises,
Snatch, and some Russian YouTubers for accent, diction,
and idioms
- GM planning for a Star Wars RPG
- Had my bow restrung
Penny- Maps: Worked on perimeter and objects for the Beach set
- Maps: Got Beach ready for animated objects
- Maps: Final touch ups on the beach's background tile set
- Set up puppet rigs for visual novel
- Did small bits of character design.
polisummer- Development on 1.13:
- Movement
- Camera Control
-Learned to implement
sliding tile games like 2048
- Watched a movie about

And that was everything this week! Check back tonight for a Art Spotlight on Aiko!​

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